What is ProCoach?


A lot of you guys have been asking about the nutrition coaching platform we launched last week so I figured I’d use this as an opportunity to explain exactly what it is/how it works.

If you’re not sure, the program is called ProCoach and it’s a part of the company I’m certified through, Precision Nutrition.

The entire program is 12 months long and is based around what they call “Change Psychology.” Basically, developing new habits that will set you up for success even after you’re done with the program. The goal is to teach you what actually works for you, and then how you can incorporate that into your daily life. As opposed to a lot of the other programs out there that usually have you cut something out completely for 30ish days, nothing is off limits in this program. Again, the focus is on changing the way you look at food and how you can use food to help meet your goals.

What I’m most excited about is changing the way we perceive food. Instead of seeing things as “good/healthy” vs. “bad/unhealthy,” you’ll learn to see  things as more ideal/less ideal based on whatever your goals may be. And learning that having something that may be “less ideal” doesn’t make you a failure or mean all your progress is lost. This just makes the program super accessible for anyone no matter what your goals are!

Food is fuel, sure. But it’s also something that we’re supposed to enjoy and not dread or feel bad about when we want to indulge a bit.

How it works:

Every 2 weeks you’ll get a new habit to begin trying to implement into your daily routine. You’ll get a daily lesson/questions to answer that will help you start to understand your current relationship with food and what changes you might want to make.

We’re starting another session of the program on Monday, June 24th and I’d love to have you in! We’re only opening 10 spots so that I have the opportunity to work with everyone. We’re offering ProCoach for $59/month for this group and after this the price will go up. If you’re interested in getting started, hit me up here and I’ll send you an invite to get registered!