Waiting on Perfect


When was the last time you gave yourself a pat on the back for what you've accomplished? I'm not talking about throwing a party to celebrate your awesomeness, but just acknowledging some of the progress your efforts have created.

I'm constantly impressed by the level of skill and improvement I'm surrounded with when I coach our members. Everyone, from those who just began at TwinTown, to those who've now been at it for some time, take constant and continuous steps toward bettering themselves. While the steps forward are most certainly there, the recognition of this success is all too often lacking.

Sure, there are still things you could stand to be better at. But when won't that be the case?

The issue is that we so often getting caught up in the allure of what we haven't yet achieved that we don't take time to appreciate what we have accomplished. It's like we don't let ourselves appreciate the fruits of our labor until we feel we've hit "perfect."

However brief or subtle it may be, your hard word deserves some recognition!

I'm not talking about tossing humility out the window and bragging on your abilities, but just the simple act of noticing–and appreciating–when you take a stride forward. You just stepped your double under best up from 2 reps to 5? Appreciate it! 10 in a row is now just around the corner. Just strung together your first few pull-ups, but can't yet do what the person next to you did? They needed to get where you are before they ended up where they now are. Recognize your advance!

Perfect will never be here. If it's flawlessness we're waiting on, we're only setting ourselves up for defeat. 

Appreciate what you can do. As simple as your abilities may seem to you, there are people in this world who would absolutely kill to be able to bask in the glory of what you are capable of doing!

By the way – we're proud of you, too!