Getting Ready for "Murph"


For those unfamiliar, "Murph" is a workout named after Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy that we (and gyms around the world) take on each year on Memorial Day.

Those who've done this before might be looking to set a new personal record on this annual challenge; some will just be taking it on with the intention of getting in a good workout; others will be somewhere in the middle. Regardless of which group you're in, here are a few pointers I'd recommend thinking about as Murph draws closer.

Quality first. Remember that we're ultimately here to get/be in good shape. As nice as it feels to set a good score, the true prize is in holding yourself accountable to reps that push you toward your ultimate goal.

Start working on what you're not good at now. None of us are in peak running shape at this time of year, those push-ups always tend to get sneakily hard halfway through, and 100 pull-ups is just a lot of reps! So, start working on some manageable, quality sets of these movements now so none of it comes as a surprise on game day. We have 3 days of supplemental programming available (on the calendar at the gym) for anyone who would like some regimented after-class work. Check it out then you're in!

Nervous that you won't be able to do this? Don't overthink it! At the end of the day it's just another workout. One of CrossFit's prevailing claims is that it prepares its people for the unknown and unknowable. This means that as long as you've been hitting class on a regular basis, a longer, high-volume workout won't be out of your reach (and, as always, there are plenty of scaling options available). You're more ready than you might believe!

We'll have more event-specific details as Memorial Day Weekend gets closer, but in the mean time do what you can to start getting ready! Any extra work you can put in now will only make this thing go more smoothly when you take it on. Feel free to chat with your coaches about this, too. We've all done this workout before and would be happy to help you in preparation however we can.