Tommy at the Helm!


As many of you know, our guy Tommy has taken the reins on the TwinTown programming for the last 4 weeks. This is the first time in many years that anyone other than myself has written workouts for the gym’s CrossFit program, and the change was nothing we took lightly. But, in the spirit of never being complacent, after talking things through with him for a while, we decided to give a change of pace a shot!

Looking back on this past month, the classes Tommy came up with for us have been well-varied, challenging but scalable, intricately thought out, and fun both to coach, and to take on. Everything we’ve heard back from you (and the other coaches) has been overwhelmingly positive, and to top that off, Tommy’s been incredibly receptive to any feedback we’ve passed his way.

With all signs pointing in the same direction here, we offered Tommy the opportunity to continue programming for us, and he accepted!

As weird and nerve-racking as it was for me to pass off this responsibility, I honestly couldn’t feel better about the person who’s now filling the role. 

Even though Tommy hasn’t been on our staff as long as some of the other coaches, we’ve learned a lot about him since starting out. With 5 years of programming experience under his belt, a certification resume that makes him a shoo-in as a coach, the kindhearted personality—obvious to anyone who's met him—that we value most in our staff, and a lead-from-the-front drive and humility, we are fully confident that he’s the right person for the job.

Please join us in welcoming Tommy into his new role here, and give the guy a pat on the back for all the hard work he’s already put in at the gym the next time you see him.