One-on-One Nutrition Coaching Starting in 2019!


Pushing yourself through tough workouts on a regular basis only to not see the progress you’re looking for is agonizing! This was my experience for way longer than I’d care to admit, but as frustrating as it was, I’m happy that I can now use what I learned to help other people avoid common pitfalls.

In short: you can’t outwork a bad diet.

Many of the people I see getting frustrated with eating healthier seem to spend much of their effort trying to eat perfectly (again, been there, done that!) instead of playing the long game and making smaller changes that they can actually live with. The immediate changes we see during crazy restrictive eating plans are fulfilling in the moment, but never seem to last long enough to make the impact we’re really looking for—being happy with how we look and feel for the rest of our lives.

To help you with guidance that you can live with, we’re starting a one-on-one nutrition coaching program (based on the Precision Nutrition model) at the beginning of the new year. There are a ton of programs/plans/diets out there telling you what not to eat or how to replace meals with shakes or supplements, but the approach we’re taking with this venture will focus on the food you should eat.

Instead of going from the depths of holiday eating right into something as intense as the Whole30, the plan is to ease you into a way of eating that gets you progress, but also lets you live your life. Think about Snatching—you wouldn’t start out expecting to be able to move big weights, right? You start with the basics and a PVC pipe, then gradually progress to more and more complexity/weight. Our approach here is similar!

Defining what the coaching will look like isn’t as easily packaged as some of the programs we’ve run in the past, but the individual recommendations we’re able to make will help you get the progress you’re looking for without feeling like you’re developing an unhealthy relationship with the food you eat.

If you need a push to keep the ball moving forward in the gym (or just in life!), I cannot recommend enough starting with what’s going on in the kitchen. You can schedule a free, 20-minute one-on-one session to get your questions answered by emailing Take advantage and let us help you get going!