Lessons from Living a Shoulderless Life


If you didn’t know, I’ve been avoiding anything shoulder related for 10 months now. Yes, you read that right- T.E.N. And, let me tell you, it’s been a rollercoaster. I’ve been diagnosed with everything from a pesky disc in my neck to “loose joints because I’m female”- yes, I walked out of an ortho appointment with that diagnosis… So to say the least, there have been really good days, and days I sit in my car and cry in frustration and confusion. 

I can sit here and write about how to be positive through this journey or walk you through the sob story of my past 10 months, but that’s not going to happen. What I want to talk about is how embarrassed I’ve felt having to do my own thing off on the side, when all I want to do is participate in classes like a “normal” member. But after many, many months of either avoiding seeing people at the gym (again, because I’m embarrassed) or sitting in the back corner like I’m in timeout doing my own workout, I’ve finally accepted that it is just where my body is at right now. I’ve noticed even more that every single person in class does something different. There is never a class that has all 12 members doing the exact same track/reps/scaling options/movements, because each person needs something different based on where they are.

The silver lining of this whole thing is that I’ve learned a few lessons. First, it’s really hard to accept, but I need to meet my body where it’s at. I can’t and won’t always be able to walk into the gym and do Murph (however, I would love to do Murph soon…:) ) Listening to my body is a real thing. I’ve been testing my shoulder here and there and need to wait a couple days to determine if that’s an ok move right now, and that’s alright!

This has been the hardest lesson for me to learn, especially right after a large competition. Secondly, it has made me far more confident to work with you all—our members. Applying the same concepts to you that I do to myself: listen to your body and meet it where it’s at. Also, I’ve gotten REAAAALLYYYY good with scaling options and avoiding shoulders and knees (saving the knee saga for another blog) which has made me a much more confident coach. 

Finally, be ok with where you’re at. Not a single person has judged me (at least not apparently) for not participating in classes or doing the same workout as them. Instead, I’ve been received with positivity and support whenever I do show up to class and do something different. Each day does not need to be perfect or even a perfect workout, but you do need to show up!