New Class: "Control"


As vital as some intensity is to a well-rounded workout routine, it can’t be everything! “Too much intensity? Peter, you craaaazy!” I know, I know... The idea of this is something that I would have never imagined possible in my first five or so years here at TwinTown, but it’s been a real issue for me as of late; and I figure that if it’s something I’m noticing in myself, there are probably others out there dealing with the same thing.

Even when I don’t feel like taking on a super grueling workout, it’s a rare day that I don’t have the urge to get in some time in the gym. To bridge the gap between my intense days—and instead of blindly continuing to push through hard workouts when it doesn’t feel right—I’ve been adding in workouts that scratch the itch to lift, practice new bodyweight skills, move, and sweat in a way that recharges my batteries more than if I were just to continue going hard day after day. 

Not only have these workouts kept me from wearing out when I feel like I’m burning the candle at both ends (some of which admittedly comes from my poor ability to “just go easy,” or feeling like I’m letting myself down when I do), but they’ve actually made me feel less sore, more well-practiced, and generally more ready to go when I am looking to take on a tough one!

The format I’ve been following, and what we’re using in the new class, is an hour that’s broken down in 3-5 parts. Dispersed throughout, there are lifting, conditioning, and gymnastics elements as you would see in many of our classes, but instead of focusing on how many reps you can do, or how much you can lift, the emphasis is put on how well you can control the movements you’re working on. There’s even rest programmed into most parts of the hour!

Since the intensity in these classes is taken back a bit, we’re able to draw from a much wider movement pool than what you might be used to. The different movements we use to add challenge in the Control class are not only a nice way to keep things feeling fresh, but they also play an important role in filling in the gaps that may be left by only working faster movements. Slowing down and adding in even more variance will help you bulletproof those smaller muscles even further!

Control classes will be our offering for Sunday mornings, starting on May 12th. Everything in them is as scalable as any other workout we offer—so they’re open to anyone who wants to try them!

These workouts have been a huge help for me, and I honestly feel better than ever after I’m done with them. My hope is that you see them as another option that you have available to you, and get a new tool for your toolbox. Whether you still feel good about going hard all the time, or are in a place more similar to me, I really encourage you to take this on! You’re going to grow your skill set and challenge yourself to move in ways that will only make you a healthier, stronger, more capable person in the process.