Never Settle


How comfortable are you when you come to class? There’s a level of ease that should be enjoyed after learning the basics here, but it's also easy to fall into the trap of standing still (and getting bored!) when you stop looking to push your abilities.

What are you good at? And I don’t mean relative to other people—I mean the workout elements you can perform with confidence. 

If you’re strong at endurance events, showing up for every running workout we offer might push your capacity forward by a few percentage points. So, can advances still be made? Yep. But, if you were to instead dedicate your class time to working on what you’re not yet comfortable with, those few hours could help you move your overall abilities forward much further!

What I like most about what we do at TwinTown is that we help our members be well-rounded. Good at lifting? Cheers to that. Let's build your endurance and make you a beast. You move with the fluidity of a ballet dancer? Legit! Let's teach you to lift some weight so you can bulletproof that capacity. Oh, running a marathon ain’t no thang? Balancing out your body with some upper-body strength work might help you feel better than ever. Stronger'n all hell? You won't believe how much better you'll move and feel if you spend some time working on your range of motion. You get the point...

At the same time, this doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy and spend time on what you’re good at! Just that we know there’s limited potential for growth if you continue to only work in only those areas.

The lasting feeling of becoming comfortable with something you were previously not good at will always be more fulfilling than the momentary win of continuing to prove yourself in an area where you’re already competent. Think about where you are, what you’re good at (and what you’re not), and never settle!