Why Are We Here?


Why are we here? Boy, I could go many different ways with this. But, for today I’m just talking about us as gym-goers (and specifically TwinTowners).

Some people are here for the workouts we provide, some for the competitiveness, others for the variety of classes we have, and I would like to think that some are here because of the coaching they receive. But the overwhelming majority of you are here because of the community.

We love the thought of us being a “second home,” and that is exactly what we strive to provide. Growing up I had two second homes: the hockey arena in the winter and the golf course in the summer, and I would take every available opportunity I had to be at one of them. To think that TwinTown is that to some of you truly warms our hearts. I’m not an emoji guy but this might be a good place to insert one if I were… maybe not??

Knowing that we provide that kind of feeling for some members here, we take the atmosphere we provide very seriously. With the number of classes we offer, the times we have them, events, merchandise, the list goes on and on and on. But the one thing that we put above all others is the type of classes we offer. We try to be as well-rounded as possible from a functional fitness standpoint, while also trying our hardest to offer classes that do more than just challenge your ability to go hard. 

This is exactly why we offer a variety of different class styles! From the high intensity of our TwinTown class to the more endurance-based offering that our Conditioning program offers, to the strength and control of the movements we use in Control and the recovery and maintenance of our Yoga and Mobility classes… oh and the obvious-ness in our “Barbell” classes- GET SOME!

So, back to the aforementioned question of “Why are we here?” We believe that it is to continue to improve in becoming more well-rounded over the long run. Sure we could totally get people super jacked by having them go as hard as they can for a few months, a year, or even a couple of years, but we’d rather play the long game with our members.

Why? Because we like you, for one, but secondly because we care about giving you challenges that you can continue working towards until you are old and gray (could be a bad analogy and one I don’t mean to be offensive to anyone, but I feel I can kind of say both, because I am old in the CrossFit sense of doing it for almost ten years and yes I am going gray… you won’t have to look too hard the next time you see me).

Our intention is not to move away from CrossFit in any way—in fact, we just renewed our affiliation for the 10th year—but, instead to continue to hone our version of it. If we could push everyone into the funnel of coming in 6-7 times/week we would probably balance it out to be 2-3 TwinTown classes, 1-2 Conditioning and Control classes each and a Mobility/Yoga class or two because we see a high value in changing the types of intensity you go at.  Everyone is different and has their preferences and we respect that, but we’d like to give everyone an opportunity to choose. Our intention is not to limit anyone in the amount of time they can come in here, but to give you options to come every day if you wanted, and not have to go at the same intensity every time.

It might be a helpful exercise to take a step back to get a birds-eye view of your fitness. Are you doing what’s best for you in the short term only, or are you keeping the long term in mind? Do you have the same approach every time you step into the gym or do you let your body and mind tell you how to go at the workout? What could you do to help you make this something you could be doing ten years from now? We would love to help you with any/all of this, so please lean on us to do so!