How to get the most out of just a few classes in the gym each week


Life is crazy sometimes. But even when we feel like we’re in over our heads, there’s a lot we can do to make the most of just a few gym attendances each week.

First off, you’re not the first one to run into these issues! Instead of getting discouraged about your circumstances, remember that every single workout you do make will always leave you feeling better than the one you skip.

Even though it’s not ideal, the truth of the matter is that a lot of good can be done in just a few hours per week—we just need to be intentional with our time.

Second, don’t coast! Despite the fact that there are multiple parts to each class we offer, the “workout” tends to get the majority of our concentration. If this is one of just a few hours you have, eek the most out of every second! The warm-up can easily become a chance to tweak some movements you’ve been looking to work on, and the cool-down can function as the mobility work you know you should be doing.

Ask questions about what the coach sees as an area of potential improvement for you, and be intentional about spending your hour working on the feedback you receive. You might not be mastering any intricate skill, but it’s very possible that you will make some worthwhile advances. Remember, that those little steps add up after a while!

Pity party? We ain’t havin’ it! When you’re at the gym, you’re at the gym! If you are going to beat yourself up for not being able to make it in as often as you’d like, there is no sense in being down about the times you actually can! You’re here now, so appreciate the time that you have and be thankful that you made it happen.

Spend a few minutes after class working towards a goal. We’re talking about just a few minutes here. You’ll already be warm and you have any equipment you could want at your disposal, so get to it! Want to get better at pull-ups? Do a few sets before you take off. Need to clock some time stretching? Grab a foam roller and make it happen. Save catching up on whatever is going on in the world of your phone until you’ve got what is truly of value to you checked off the list!

Scheduling is an issue for us all. Keep in mind the good that can come from making the best of your situation—beating yourself up because of what it might have been won’t get us anywhere!