Everything You Have, Every Day


I see this a lot (and I’m definitely guilty of it myself from time to time); people get caught up on trying to do everything all at once. “I need to squat lower, keep my back tight, breathe, move my feet and shrug more on this next one. Also, I need to eat better, sleep more, drink more water, spend more time mobilizing and so on.” Sounds a little overwhelming, right?

Trying to do/fix everything at the same time is a surefire way to end up frustrated, burned out, or worse than that, injured.

Instead, I’d encourage all of you (and again, talking to myself here too), the next time you’re in the gym, ask yourself: “What is the best I can expect of myself today?” What are you capable of doing today and are you willing to push yourself to that point?

Some days your best means PR’s and high fives and some days it’s just making yourself get out of bed and move. On either end of the spectrum, push yourself to give it your all (whatever that looks like) every day.