More Than Just Effort


One of the easiest pitfalls to slip into when running a business is working all the time without actually getting much done (damn you, email inbox!). It's not that there's a lack of effort being put forth, but instead that our (my) habits can sneakily lead us (me) down a less-than-ideal path if we don't check in with where we are every once in a while.

This happens in the gym all the time—especially with people who've been at it for some time. As great as regular attendance is, it's equally important to take a step back now and then to make sure we're actually making strides in the direction we want.

Here's a simple question you can ask yourself to check in: are you happy with where you are? If so, nice work! Make sure you stop to appreciate what your hard work had yielded. The fruits of our labor shouldn't always just be more labor, right?!

If you're not, be honest with yourself about what might be holding you back. Ruts happen, and sometimes a fix for the problem can be as simple as taking note of what's going on so you can change course a bit.

I was talking with a member after class the other day who was expressing her frustrations with a specific movement. Despite her model effort in classes and regular attendance, her perceived lack of progress with this one movement was enough to keep her away from class when this specific exercise was involved. In two minutes (seriously, I timed this), we were able to look at where she was, see what wasn't working, and map out a basic plan for keeping her moving forward (instead of just avoiding the issue).

The ability to work hard is an admirable trait—and one that you'll benefit from getting good at—but it can't be our only goal. Taking a moment to step back and look at where we are ensures that we're putting our hard work to use in intelligent ways and not just grinding the gears.

So, where are you? Check in with yourself (or me—hi!) from time to time and don't shy away from the temporary discomfort that goes with taking on the challenges that lay in the areas you could stand to improve!