If you’ve been to a CrossFit class in the past few months, you’ve seen an “Intent” associated with our workouts. For some it has been a helpful game-changer and others it has been an annoyance in their RX-ing endeavors. Regardless, your intent shouldn’t be the same every day!

I see it all the time, that people’s intent is the same every time they come in and that they work out at a similar speed/intensity, day after day. This is an easy trap to fall into, because it feels good to test ourselves to see what we can do, but this will only last for so long before we get burned out, or even worse, injured. Instead of getting sucked in to chasing instant gratification, try asking yourself “how can this workout help me in the long run?”

Think about what the “Intent” of the workout means! Our goal is that if you finish inside what’s recommended (whether that be a certain number of rounds, a specific time, etc.), that you will be getting the desired outcome of the workout and will consistently be getting better. That may mean that you are not doing as much as you possibly could do—like stacking on those heavier weights—but taking the approach that small consistent gains will bring you closer to your goals is much more sustainable.

Just because you can doesn’t mean that you should! It is much easier to take the approach of going hard every day until the wheels fall off, but the truly difficult thing to do is what is actually right for you at any giving moment. If ever you need guidance on what you should be doing, any of your coaches would love to help you decide how best to tackle your workout.

Remember that there is always another workout tomorrow.