Ever Better


“Oh great, what am I doing wrong now?!”

It’s more often than I’d like that I see an expression mirroring these words on people’s faces as I approach them to make adjustments in class. Whether the correction is a big one (keeping your back straight on a lift) or something small (hand position when jumping rope), it’s important to keep in mind that receiving feedback is a service to be taken advantage of and not a sign that everything you’re doing is wrong or in need of correction.

Look at any high-level athlete, for example. They’re at the tip of the spear in their respective field of competition, and not only are they regularly getting feedback on how to improve from their coach(es), if they’re humble, they’re actually searching out the small inefficiencies they could stand to improve on!

We’re always going to push you—any good coach should! But receiving feedback doesn’t mean that you’re always doing something wrong. Instead, just that we’re continually looking for the little things that will make you better. The better you get, the smaller these issues will become, but it can’t be expected that someday you’ll be beyond the point of potential improvement!

Coaching requires finesse, and anyone who hopes to get through to the people they’re working with needs to develop the craft of effective communication more than anything. But there’s humility required on both ends and some ownership that can be taken by the student/athlete. 

My advice: look forward to the opportunity to grow instead of seeing feedback as a negative. We work hard to tell you what you need to hear in a way you’re able to internalize, but your humility in hearing us is just as important!

Our/my only goal here is to make you a better/happier/healthier you! Take any points of improvement you receive in stride and you’ll only be better for it. Keep up the hard work!